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Translation Services

A reliable provider of Translation, Editing, Proofreading and Foreign Language Consulting services with a number of specialities.

Main Specializations

My French and Portuguese to English translation experience covers the following subject areas:

  • Legal documents (briefs, contracts, court orders, deeds/titles, depositions, divorce decrees and settlements, leases, licenses/permits, etc.)
  • Journalism, Politics and Government (agreements/conventions, articles, orders, proposals, reports, etc.)
  • Literary, Arts & Entertainment (literature, poetry, children's books, essays, articles, novels, fiction, non-fiction, documentary, catalogues, book reviews, scripts, plays, movie proposals, etc.)
  • Tourism (brochures, travel guides and literature, etc.)
  • Personal documents (birth/marriage/death certificates, degrees, diplomas, letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc.)

General experience in the following topics:
Astronomy, Business/Commercial (press releases, marketing materials, articles, HR manuals, correspondence, corporate communications, surveys, brochures, campaigns, etc.), Ethics, Fashion (look books, business correspondence, instruction manuals), Medical (medical devices and clinical trials), Social Sciences, Theology, Viticulture, etc.

Other Languages, Consulting, Editing & Proofreading

Positano, Italy

I provide the following limited translation services from Italian into English: 

  • General Topics
  • Personal Documents (birth/marriage/death certificates, diplomas, etc.)
  • Personal and Business Correspondence
  • Travel and Tourism        (brochures, travel guides, etc.)

I offer editing and proofreading services for any English target language project.

I also provide foreign language consulting services for French, Portuguese and Italian projects. If you are looking for a translation provider that specializes in other source languages, I have a vast range of colleagues that I would be happy to recommend.

Capacity & Inquiries

My daily capacity is approximately 3000 words.  Depending on the complexity of a text and my volume of work, this figure may vary.  For companies and agencies that may be interested in my CAT tool capabilities, I am a licensed owner of Wordfast Professional, which is compatible with TRADOS.

Should the field you are interested in not be mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding your needs.  If upon your inquiry I am unable to assist you, I would be happy to refer you to a colleague or agency that would be able to better serve you.

A member of the American Translators Association

I strictly observe the ATA's Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. I NEVER disclose confidential information to third parties.